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Continuing medical education provides physicians with up-to-date training and is key to improving patient outcomes.

Clinical trials are essential to innovate and maximize safety and efficacy.


This is why IDHER is committed to advancing digestive health by  providing training opportunities, research initiatives and grants.

IDHER is a 501(c)(3)  designated non-profit organization and all donations and grants are tax-deductible.

What We Do


Novel Procedures
Training Modules
Research Concepts
Patient Outreach
Health Awareness
CME Conferences


Live Training
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Hands-on Training
Patient Education
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Clinical Trials
Clinical Registries
Research Training
Protocol Support
Data Management
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Glass Buildings




  • 2nd annual MidAtlantic GASTROINTESTINAL INTERVENTIONAL COURSE (magic)  on aug 6th, 2021

  • MidAtlantic Bariatric Endoscopy Course (MALBEC)  on March 10th, 2021